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Dog Walking - Worry Free

Never lose control of your dog with Wrist Walk.


Proudly Made in Canada

How Wrist walk works

About Wrist Walk

Lightweight, easy to put on, a quick release clasp, and high-quality materials makes Wrist Walk – Keep Your Dog Safe a durable and long-lasting dog leash safety strap. The flexibility and versatility of simply putting Wrist Walk around your wrist and attaching the tether to the dog's leash is innovative and gives dog owners peace of mind knowing that their beloved pet is safely close to them at all times. Wearing this wrist dog leash means your hands are free to use your cell phone, zip up your coat and pick up poop.

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Instructions For Using Wrist Walk

Quick and Convenient Design

Like all safety items, Wrist Walk will need to be worn correctly.  The wrist part is adjustable and should fit snug around your wrist so that it does not slide off. Place the hook and tether so that the hook rests on your finger tips, across your palm.  Hook the handle of the leash onto the hook, making sure the clip is closed completely.

For the Retractable Wrist Walk, place the hook and tether through the handle of the retractable leash and clip onto the D-ring at the top.

Wrist Walk is used to stop dogs from running away on walks by keeping the leash close in case the leash handle is pulled from your hand (squirrel!!). It is also useful if you need to use your hands to pick up poop, zip up your coat, or use your cell phone.  This is not to be used as the main control of your dog.

We do not recommend children to use this without an adult joining them.

Our Story

How Wrist Walk Saves Lives

Hi. My name is Gracie, a purebred Basset Hound. Welcome to my woofsite.

I have a story to share with you. When I was a puppy, my owner's friend, Dale, took me out for my last pee one summer night. As we were walking, I saw my first dog ... not really .... there was my mom and my brothers and sisters, but they went away and I don't see them anymore.

Back to my story. Once I saw the dog, I ran and pulled the leash out of Dale's hand. She called me but I was running as fast as I could to catch up to my new found friend. The lady with the dog heard Dale and held me until she caught up. I knew she was upset and I was thinking I am heading for the dog house. She was just thankful that I didn't get hit by a car ... me too.

This little scare inspired Dale to come up with a safer way for my owner, Rosemary, to take me for our walks. She invented a safety device that's called Wrist Walk – Keep Your Dog Safe.

Isn't that a great idea? I think every dog owner should get a Wrist Walk for peace of mind knowing that their beloved pet is safely close to them at all times.

Check out the rest of my woofsite and find out more information on Wrist Walk – Keep Your Dog Safe.

I think I deserve a treat for this!

- Gracie

Dale's Story

Hi. I'm Dale – Inventor of Wrist Walk - Keep Your Dog Safe

I created Wrist Walk because of my concern for the safety of Gracie and for my peace of mind - she has already told her story and now I will share my story.

In my quest to create Wrist Walk, I showed my initial prototype to dog friends, listened to their comments and suggestions, bought a sewing machine, took lessons to learn how to sew from a bemused instructor and fellow students at Triangle Sewing Centre, made adjustments and improvements to its design and searched out a quality supplier of materials.

For the past eighteen months I have been seeking advice and suggestions from dog walkers and would like to share with you some of their reasons for relying on Wrist Walk to ensure a safe walk for not only their dog but themselves as well.

I showed Wrist Walk to our veterinarian who was so impressed she wanted three and I had only two made! She said “no longer do I have to wrap the leash around my hand”.

My investor worried about what would happen if her dog lunged and she had to let go of the leash. I then realized that I needed to change the existing clip and replace it with a quick-release clip that releases instantly.

A lady walking her daughter's large dog wrapped the leash around her hand so tight that the dog lunged and she couldn't unwrap the leash quick enough and broke her finger. Sharing this story she said “the quick release would have prevented a very painful injury”.

“I no longer have to stand on my leash to pick up poop”.

“I can answer my cell phone, text and not have to worry about my dog getting away”.

“When we are sitting at the campfire, Wrist Walk makes holding onto our two dogs easier and safer”.

“My friend's sister is diabetic and Wrist Walk gives her peace of mind knowing that her dog won't get away from her”.

Physiotherapists and health care professionals commented that “Wrist Walk would be beneficial therapy and exercise for those suffering or recovering from carpel tunnel, stroke or accidental injuries”. “Wrist Walk offers more safety allowing older adults to stay active and fit while walking their canine companion”.

There are so many other stories that I will share with you in my blog.

It has only been eighteen months since Wrist Walk was created and my simple idea to keep your dog safe has become so much more. Listening to people, sharing their stories and ideas will always be a part of what Wrist Walk is all about.

I hope Wrist Walk allows those who have stopped walking their dog due to the fear of losing the leash the chance to reclaim this great pleasure.

Please: Keep Calm and Walk the Dog.

Thank you.


Proudly Hand Made in Canada.


I was telling Sharon that I appreciated the wrist holder for Nahdya’s leash and she asked me to put it in writing. Because  of a stroke 20 years ago, I still have some left sided weakness. In the past my Bearded Collie,  Nahdya, has gotten away from me a couple of times even though I put the loop of the leash around my wrist and wrapped the leash around my hand so that I had a good hold of it (not good enough I found).

With the leash attached to the wrist band and the leash loop in my hand, I do not have to worry about my girl getting away from me. 

I really appreciate the product; it was made for people with some weakness in their hands.

Nelly Kraus, Rockwood, ON

This is for everyone who wants to walk their dog(s) with peace of mind.

Tanis Nielsen, St. Clements, ON

I have been using this amazing product for many months and could not possibly be without it. I am able to be completely “hands-free” with Bessey on her leash. I no longer have to put down her retractable leash, step on it to pick up her pooh. I can put my hands in my pockets in cold weather. I can drop the 'handle' and throw her ball .... play with her for ages with her 'leash-free' without having to put the leash in my pocket or on the ground ... and maybe forget where I left it. Thank you Dale for bringing this safety measure into my life and Bessey's. I recommend it to every dog lover.

Judith Rosenberg, Guelph, ON

Who We Are

The Wrist Walk Family

Hello, we are the Wrist Walk family ...

... an inventor, a visual artist, a purebred Basset hound, a coconut retriever and two island cats rescued from the Caribbean. We will introduce everyone in future blogs.

We hand-make Wrist Walk here in Guelph, Ontario. All of the materials - the embroidered web, plastic clips and chrome hooks are of the highest quality.

Our company is small, ensuring that each and every Wrist Walk shipped to our customers is carefully made with a money back guarantee.

Our passion for the well-being, safety and unconditional love of our pets is why we created Wrist Walk.

Thank you for looking at our Wrist Walk products.

- Dale, Rosemary, Gracie, LarSUN, Andy and Mango 


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