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Fasten Your Wrist Walk

Fasten Your Wrist Walk

My dog is too small, too big, too short or too tall”.

This is often the response I get when talking about Wrist Walk – Keep Your Dog Safe. The hardest part to explain is that size doesn't matter.

Wrist Walk is just like the seat belt in your car, one size for all. It protects the driver and passengers in the car as long as they have their seat belts on. We wear seat belts not because we will be in an accident, but that we might need the seat belt in the event of one. That need is only for seconds. Fastening your seat belt could save your life or prevent serious injury.

How does this relate to Wrist Walk?

Your daily dog walking routine can change in a split second if you slip and fall, a sudden lunge causing the leash to fall from your hand, losing the leash when you step on it to pick up poop or when you place the leash between your knees.

Wrist Walk is like a seat belt for you and your dog. When a situation arises, it will give you the time you need to have that peace of mind knowing that your dog will not get away.

 While working in a pet store, people would come in asking for help because they lost control of their dog's leash. I would hear their stories “if I had five seconds more I could have grabbed that leash!”

I invented Wrist Walk because there wasn't a simple solution to keep a dog safely beside the dog walker at all times.

Wrist Walk gives dog walkers that five seconds and peace of mind ... no chasing the dog, no unexpected vet bill or call from the humane society or dog pound to come get their dog.

So fasten your Wrist Walk to keep everyone safe.