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Passion is the Fuel in the Fire of Action

Often people have said to me that Wrist Walk is my passion. Today I Googled passion and found this definition  - Passion is the Fuel in the Fire of Action. I am okay with this label because I love animals - cats, dogs and all pets who share our lives for the love they give us no matter how we treat them. Their love is unwavering.


Wrist Walk is my passion and my fuel for creating a safety device so that dog owners can keep their dogs safe and close to them at all times. When we leash walk, we expect our dogs to be by our side. If something happens, we call for them to come back – some do and others run on and on. Some of us finally return to our home or car and there they are, their tails wagging asking “hey, what took you so long, I had a great adventure" with their owner responding “good dog” and giving their dog a big hug.


But dogs, like people, are unique and some just run and run, getting lost or enter into situations where they are harmed.


How I worried when Gracie, our young Basset hound, pulled her leash from my hand and ran. I feared a car would hit her.  In afterthought – the cost of an unexpected vet visit.


It hounded me. I was in the world of “what ifs". I decided this would not happen again. Three months later, my first Wrist Walk prototype was ready for testing followed by the ongoing journey to make it better. Friends with their “what ifs” recommended changes and improvements and at last Wrist Walk was in production.


So my passion fuels my love of dogs and helping to keep them safe and their owners' days filled with their love and NO “what ifs”.


May I ask – what is your passion​​?


Go ahead – light a fire.


Dale McRae