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Welcome to the Wrist Walk - Keep Your Dog Safe Blog

Here I will tell pet tails and share information I find on our pets.


Our Gracie is a Basset Hound and if you have visited our website at www.wristwalk.com you will know her story.


Our other dog is a rescue his name is LarSUN. We got him while living in Nevis/St. Kitts, he is a Coconut Retriever.


LarSUN gives us other challenges as we walk him, he is afraid of any sound or sudden movements, which causes him to dart full speed away from it. Like what? Well a car door shutting, the wind rustling trees, a bag dancing down the side walk you know every day sounds.


Our walks are filled with talking about that he is okay....the other thing that LarSUN does is rush to any dog he sees...


Wrist Walk is an important part of our walks, because if my LarSUN gets away he will run forever out of fear.


Wrist Walk takes these fears away from me.


A finale note: KEEP CALM and WALK THE DOG.